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Scarlet | Software Engineer (technical hire #1) | ONSITE | London, UK

We are empowering companies building the next generation of medical software – the software that’ll bring accessible and affordable healthcare to everyone on the planet.

The current regulatory environment wasn’t designed for software, yet software is the future of health and medicine.

Scarlet creates a new framework for software companies and regulators to provide them with a way to build and surveil medical software in a continuous and scalable way.


- You have 3+ years of software engineering experience.

- You have built software systems from scratch before.

- You have solicted and challenged user requirements before.

- You want to work in a team that shuns design/technology choices which emphasise the use of mutable, stateful objects.

- You are willing to learn clojure/clojurescript.

- You have a working knowledge of AWS and terraform.

No domain knowledge of medicine / medical device regulations / software certification is required up front, but you must be willing to dive into this fascinating domain and spin up fast!

If you're keen - email me - jamie@scarletcomply.com

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