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ResearchGate | Senior Software Engineer, Java | Remote (Berlin, Germany, Visa) | https://www.researchgate.net/careers/ https://github.com/researchgate

Tech Stack: Java, REST services (Dropwizard, Kubernetes), Kafka, Distributed Systems & Big Data (Hadoop, Hive, HDFS, HBase, MapReduce, Apache Flink), No-SQL (MongoDB), Solr, Lucene, ELK https://stackshare.io/researchgate/researchgate

ResearchGate: We connect the world of science and make research open to all, being the professional network for scientists. The web was created by scientists and for scientists, to foster scientific collaboration and drive progress for a better world. Join our team to take the web back to its roots and achieve that original mission! The network was founded in 2008 by the physicians Dr. Ijad Madisch and Dr. Sören Hofmayer along with computer specialist Horst Fickenscher. Nine years later, 13 million researchers and scientists connect on ResearchGate, and make research open to all. The company has completed four rounds of financing, and investors include Benchmark, Founders Fund, Wellcome Trust, Goldman Sachs Investment Partners, and Bill Gates.

Role: We're looking for a skilled Senior Software Engineer who cares about efficiency and building maintainable software. Our challenges include scaling for rapid response and servicing our millions of users to consistently provide them with valuable data. Furthermore, we strive to create a fast yet reliable platform which enables our product engineers to continuously ship updates to the end user.

Responsibilities: Develop and implement Java-based services (REST- and message-driven). Design databases for high-performance data access in distributed relational and non-relational databases. Build efficient batch and stream processing pipelines to handle our big data workloads. Create robust and evolvable solutions with quality of service and data integrity in mind.

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