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Anvil | Software Developers | Cambridge, UK | On-site/Semi-Remote | Full-time, Part-time, Flexible | https://anvil.works/jobs

Help us fix web development by building better dev tools!

Traditional web development is incredibly complicated – a typical app requires Javascript, HTML, CSS, Python, SQL, and frameworks coming out of your ears. So we built Anvil (https://anvil.works): a simpler way for anyone to build full-stack web apps, entirely in Python.

We make an open-source web framework, an online code editor, a GUI builder, and a PaaS hosting platform. We're bootstrapped, profitable, and growing fast :)

We're hiring at all levels, front-end and back-end. Whatever skills you join us with, you'll eventually be working over the full stack, including:

* Our code editor and GUI builder (JS, React)

* Our API router and editor backend (Clojure)

* Our front-end UI toolkit (JS, Python)

* Our back-end runtime (Python)

* Our Python-to-JS compiler (JS, Python)

If that sounds like fun, read the full job spec: https://anvil.works/jobs

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