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NEW RELEASE: Open-source JavaScript module to cache GraphQL queries (roblehfarah.medium.com)
2 points by kenlitton 5 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments

Quell is an open source, lightweight JavaScript library providing a client- and server-side caching solution for applications that leverage GraphQL. The newest version now supports a broader range of GraphQL features for caching: including aliases, fragments, multiple queries, and nested queries. Quell/Client can integrate with any front-end framework that supports fetch without causing incompatible state management patterns. Quell/Server easily integrates into pre-existing Express server architectures without significant refactoring as it can be imported and used as a piece of Node.js/Express middleware.

Please see the release article here


and the GitHub repository here


Core GraphQL features support, big fan! Quality and efficient caching.

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