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Proprietary trading firm | Senior Quantitative Developer | Puerto Rico | $500k+ total first year comp | Full-time | ONSITE only

We are aggressively building a team of performance driven investment professionals with the goal of scaling into a global hedge fund with world-class research, trading, and investment techniques. As a complement to our active US equities trading program, our firm is committing significant resources to develop automated trading capabilities. We are seeking traders, quantitative researchers, and developers to drive innovation in alpha generation.

As an early member of the quantitative research team, your experience and opinions will influence the design and technology used in our research and trading infrastructure. This is a greenfield project. We expect you to come with a plan for developing an automated trading platform and implementing sophisticated execution algorithms, complete with order management and risk controls. You will evaluate historical and realtime data vendors. You will also work on research infrastructure, including a backtesting/simulation framework.

You will work side-by-side with traders to codify and automate their trading strategies. You will also collaborate with quantitative analysts to improve and optimize the firm’s strategies. While some of the strategies have intraday hold times, none of them require low-latency execution.

Compensation includes a competitive base salary, a relocation package and a guaranteed first-year bonus. Subsequent bonuses are commensurate with performance and team-based contributions, and are eligible for defered payment in order to invest in the fund. This position also includes standard benefits (401(k), health insurance, PTO, etc.)

Please email your resume to Greg: mbc@fastmail.com

I was just re-reading the HN rules, and to clarify, I'm not a recruiter. I'm a quant consulting for the company. I'll be doing interviews, along with some others who were willing to help: one derivatives quant and two quant devs.

Lots of red flags here - brand new HN account, fastmail email address, big money.

I'd need much more before I sent a resume.

It's legit. That's the going rate for this position. The company is keeping a low profile, but you'll learn more about us once you apply.

I can't personally move to Puerto Rico for this job, or I would. But I'm consulting for them. A fastmail alias was just the easiest way for me to get a temporary address.

FWIW, while the money may seem big it’s not out of line for the industry, especially given that the role looks to require a decent level of experience.

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