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love it, mike. you in miami?

as for a simple request, our startup ( http://gorankem.com ) should be getting a nice mashable writeup soon enough tonight in their spark of genius feature.

if you could share that across your networks using the six buttons from the mashable article, i'd really appreciate it!


I'm in Coral Springs actually.

I checked out the write up and it's a pretty flattering piece. I'm happy to recommend something that I believe is worth recommending. Unfortunately, your site is down and I can't play with it myself. I'm assuming you're finding yourself with some unexpected success. When/if you'd like me to take a look at it again, just drop me an email. (my initals at nobulb.com)

Happened to check the site again and it was up! I think the idea is interesting, but wonder how you keep users sticky on your site. I'm very much into music could see myself checking this site if I'm checking out a new artist. I'll be sure to pass your site along to someone in need. Thanks for sharing.

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