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The interface is nice and big. Perfect for a younger crowd and something I don't think you should change.

- Your initial age/sex question should probably be on a landing page geared toward parents who are bringing their kids to the webpage. On this landing page, you should include information about what the site is for and why a parent might appreciate the content there.

- After selecting age/sex, it will direct parents to the portal their kids would interact with. This portal would be opened fullscreen (javascript) and not include the bottom nav or other distractions which kids wouldn't care able (like changing their sex or age at the top). Maybe make the page "bookmarkable" so they take the URL and always get back to the portal for Boys aged 0-3 instead of having to select that each time (allowing a way to bypass the parent's landing page mentioned above).

- If this isn't really intended for kids to interact with, maybe you should consider providing a "kid-friendly" version where they can navigate and explore the content on their own. There are few decent solutions which let kids "learn" to use the internet inside a sandbox.

Overall, I think this site is great! Sent a link to my better half to use with our toddlers. ;)

Thanks for the great feedback!

We had a landing page but we were losing a lot of people on it. Switch testing made it clear that more people preferred the current layout where the age/interest selection is optional.

We'll go over your comment again and weigh each one in. Thanks again!

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