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Do you know of any interesting startups or tech companies in SoFL that are looking for new hires?

The only things I could find are old web devel and design firms whose own websites look like 1999 and nobody who might do anything remotely new or interesting. I'd hate to have to move out of Miami just because there's nothing interesting to work at / for.

I know people who are actively looking for Rails and Python devs. And I occasionally get some requests for iOS and more recently Android devs. If you're looking for work, there's plenty to be found. If you let me know what you're looking for, I'll see who I can connect you with.

Mike, thank you. I do appreciate the help. I used to work with PHP and MySQL, but recently I've moved to Javascript on both backend (Node.js) and frontend (Backbone.js, jQuery, etc.). I love improving UX until it's dead simple.

If it's Rails that people are looking for, I can learn it fast.

Can I get in touch over email or Twitter to continue this?

By all means. Email is best. (initials at nobulb.com)

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