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"I understand good design from bad design. Aesthetics are not lost on me." I might just have to steal this sentence from you...

EDIT: more seriously, have a look at my CV [ http://www.gwenhael.net/p/english-cv.html ] and tell me why it sucks and how to land a decent job in Vietnam or France ;)

Job markets vary greatly from place to place and I am certainly no expert on the formalities abroad. That said, as someone who might be reviewing your resume for the purposes of a job in the US, these are the things I would suggest improvement. (Hopefully, these may be relevant for use in your target markets. And as a sudden thought, why don't you use http://aytm.com to have people from those countries review your resume for you. AYTM doesn't have to be just for testing your business model.)

I've been using Stackoverflow Careers for my resume lately. Take a look at the format: http://bit.ly/muwOOl

- Resumes should be good for scanning. And I can't scan this to find the key items I'd be interested in. In my resume, the key skills are easy to see at a glance. What I prefer to work with and what I loathe. Each piece of experience indicates the tech that I worked with and what I did there. Your resume includes your overall skills at the bottom, but they should be first, IMO. I should be able to see a snapshot of your pedigree within 10 seconds of scanning your resume.

- I started all my supporting details in my resume with verbs. You take action and these details need to show that. Specific stats are helpful if you have them...but don't embellish. Expect to be asked how you achieved specific stats. Use stats that have a reference point. "Increased sales %10 year over year" vs "Grew sales 10% year over year, leaving the company with just over $30MM in gross sales per annum"

- What do you do for fun to further your professional goals? (Even just your casual activity could be an interesting data point which companies consider in the hiring process.) The fact that you organize events, regularly travel a few hundred miles to hit the slopes regularly, or even have a disciplined hobby shows unique character that companies look for to enrich their office culture.

- Constantly refine your resume. An update once every 6 months or year is good to make sure your accomplishments are well documented.

These are great places to start. And there are plenty of online resources. Check out http://brazencareerist.com as a personal favorite for professional development resources.

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