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Great idea! You may think my request a little odd, but believe me it will help me. I am not fortunate enough to have a family of my own, and since you mentioned the words 'mediocre work-life balance' please take my fifteen minutes of favour and go and spend them with your children. Have some real quality time together, do something really fun with them so that they get an extra quarter of an hour with their Dad, who would otherwise have been working. It'll make me feel good to know that I can make someone else's kids just a little bit happier by the magic of the internet.

Done and done. (And it won't be just 15 minutes.)

Can I request this again?

After this week, I'm actually setting aside this entire weekend to being with the family. :)

FYI, yesterday was a birthday party and the library. This morning was a water park and making lunch together. Tonight will be puzzles and dancing. :D

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