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The Parity Bitcoin client, written in Rust (github.com/paritytech)
14 points by guiambros 6 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments

I'm not sure why this was linked. Parity decided to stop developing their Ethereum client and this repo has been sitting unmaintained for about 2 years now, it will almost certainly not successfully sync with mainnet.

The Parity codebase was taken over by new maintainers and turned into OpenEthereum: https://github.com/openethereum/openethereum

However, writing and maintaining an Ethereum client is an exceptional amount of work with very little benefit, the primary OpenEthereum maintainers recently announced they would stop maintaining OpenEthereum and would start pouring their energies into an upcoming client called Erigon. https://medium.com/openethereum/gnosis-joins-erigon-formerly...

Erigon is a much better client.

After how I saw how Parity handled the extremely serious multisig bug (no testing basically), I would never touch anything from that organization, especially my bitcoins that are set up in multisig.

Code hasn't been touched in two years.

There are so many things you can get wrong when writing a new Bitcoin implementation.

I'd stay very far away.

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