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A Brief History of Just-in-Time (2003) [pdf] (ucf.edu)
55 points by blewboarwastake 36 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments

Just-in-time compilation

I agree that wants clarifying, as Just-in-Time might also refer to just-in-time manufacturing.

Or Just-in-time debugging, a term Borland made popular for the application jumping into the debugger if Borland C++ happened to be installed on Windows 3.x.

Instead of Dr.Watson the application would jump into a debugging session.

But then the paper's title wouldn't be similar to Stephen Hawking's famous book: https://www.amazon.com/Brief-History-Time-Stephen-Hawking/dp...

James Gosling's original 1993 use of the phrase just-in-time for compilation alluded to just-in-time manufacturing (as mentioned in the article) but the Computing Surveys article title refers to Hawking's 1998 book. Don't mess with funny titles.

> BASIC was the testbed for throw-away compilation. Brown [1976] essen-tially characterized the technique as agood way to address the time-space trade-off; Hammond [1977] was somewhat moreadamant, claiming throw-away compila-tion to be superior except when memoryis tight

Ironically the first BASICs were compiled, it was the home micros that made the interpreters more common.

With Microsoft being one of the few companies that kept having compilers available.

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