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Yeah, but its not surprising that converting from a .net codebase to a java code base takes a few years.... they should have just re-written from scratch.... Once RHEV-3.0 is released though RHAT will open source it, so watch the product grow at that point, just like KVM has been growing in leaps and bounds recently.

I say that as someone who was part of the RHEV support team at launch.... RHEV 2 was a mistake. Red Hat should never have sold a product that depends on windows. They just don't know how to support it.

Is that what they're doing? I thought maybe the new RHEV manager would be built on oVirt.

Would you believe I heard something being bandied around about a $200 bit of software that converted c# code to java... and then have the devs fix the 20% that didn't convert.... I kid you not....

There was also talk about bringing in parts of the JBOSS stack... and I am not exactly sure why... but synergy might have something to do with it.

RHEV 3 will use more oVirt developed technologies (libvirt, etc) but now they have Enterprise customers who need compatibility for an extended period... so its going to be the ugly stepchild of RHEV2 (aka Qumranet's Product) and oVirt (redhats R&D). I suspect that RHEV is going to be carrying around baggage for a while.

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