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Building a Trusted Ecosystem for Millions of Apps [pdf] (apple.com)
10 points by simon_acca 37 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments

Conspicuously absent: Why is non-executable content (ebooks, music, lessons, game skins) also required to go through the app store?

What exactly would I be paying 30% for in those cases?

The quick answer, by the way, is: licensing fees to the platform owner.

You'll pay similar fees when you buy DLC from Nintendo's eShop, Sony's PSN store, or the Microsoft Store for Xbox.

That's plainly incorrect. If I buy a book from Joe's Book Store App, I'm not licensing anything from Apple at all.

Most of the music on my iPhone was not purchased through the iTunes Store.

Most of my ebooks were purchased on amazon.com, or are in PDF form so they work fine in Books or Kindle.

The fact that your content was purchased elsewhere has little or nothing to do with the question.

> At the park, the copy-cat filter app John had sideloaded threatens to delete all of his photos unless he pays up

> A sideloaded app violates John’s privacy

Nice propaganda.

They do make the case for walled gardens as a feature, but that doesn't mean they solely should have that responsibility. They are basically saying that the market can't be trusted.

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