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Show HN: SSH Devzat.hackclub.com (github.com/quackduck)
9 points by quackduck 37 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

Devzat is chat, but over ssh in your terminal

People who join tell me it's like "the ol' days of IRC" lol:

There's markdown support builtin, DMs, rooms, even emoji so ":rocket:" becomes "<hn removes emoji>". And because there's markdown support, there's even syntax highlighting. There's also a very stupid if-else bot named devbot.

Also if a firewall blocks port 22, you can use "ssh devzat.hackclub.com -p 443" to join.

Btw this was #3 on Product Hunt :D - https://producthunt.com/posts/devzat

Give it a star if you like it! It's my first big Go project. Apparently making PRs to Devzat is pretty easy.

Tech details:

   I'm using the gliderlabs/ssh lib

   And the emoji and markdown comes from michaelmure/go-term-markdown

   I don't store IPs, I hash them first (used for bans and to show who all have connected).

   Yes, I know about shazow/ssh-chat, it's the inspiration for Devzat! 

   I made Devzat completely independently tho (shazow just let me know it was possible) because it wouldn't work here for some reason.

   If you have concerns over whether the server really is running the code posted online, make sure to disable ssh key forwarding just in case.

- Ishan

A random 16 year old guy

cool project!

:DDDDDDDD thanks!

Wow! This is so awesome.


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