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mrfusion 35 days ago | hide | past | favorite

I'm not sure that this can be claimed as a universal truth.

Lockdowns completely stamped out covid entirely in countries such as Australia and New Zealand remarkably quickly.

Transmission since then has been only due to failure in quarantine for incoming travelers and that only rarely.

The article states: "Plus, other research now shows that most COVID-19 spread occurred at home, not out in the world, making stay-at-home orders all the more absurd in hindsight."

I think that limiting spread to homes is the entire point of lockdown/shelter in place - transmission will be only be within a traceable small group of people that can be easily tested and tracked.

An example where lockdowns increased covid deaths was Italy, right? Sent families home into isolation with infected people, so the young working families suddenly infected the multi-generational homes older and more vulnerable occupants leading to increased deaths and hospitalizations.

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