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And I am impressed by how bad their URL structure is.

I'm just relieved that I can copy their URLs, email them to a friend and have them work ... since there are so many gaps in G+ sharing.

Although if the post is Limited, you just get a 404. Which isn't super friendly.

Is that important?

Yes, human-readable URLs are important.

They are important as additional clue to users.

They are important for SEO.

But most likely it would take Google+ years before they implement it (like it was with Blogger).

Does Google really care about SEO?

I very much doubt that users care about urls. (Yeah, you care, I care, sure, but nobody else.)

If you and I care about readable URLs why other users would not care? Everyone benefits from being able to read link that they see.

Google thinks so, they use human readable permalinks on their official blogs: http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2011/07/what-do-you-love.html

Isn't that just a side effect of using Blogger? I know why people demanded that feature for Blogger (imaginary effects on PageRank), but I imagine Google has a better algorithm than looking at text in the URL for content that they host. For example, they can find the post's title right in the database.

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