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Hi, I'm Matt. I can only apologise for the site and your poor experience using it. The design/html/css is about 5 years old, and the core of the site is hand-coded from the ground up (WordPress didn't exist when I built it some 9 years ago).

The HTML/CSS hasn't been updated in that time, except to stop enforcing the XHTML Strict Mime type. I'm aware of how poorly the site reflects my skills and how out of date it is. But, at least it works accessibly - if a dodgy glyph on a browser that didn't exist when it was built is the only issue, I'll roll with that.

The problem is that you haven't specified a charset, so the browser just uses its default setting, sometimes causing problems when the default is anything other than ISO Latin-1.

Fix the problem by specifying the charset in your HTML markup.

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