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Netcat cheat sheet (ackack.net)
79 points by helwr on July 11, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

Anyone who uses "netcat" should give "socat" a look. It's been around a lot time and it is pretty much netcat on crack. I use it daily.

I love nc, but portscanning? OS and app detection? Just use nmap. Encrypted connections? Use stunnel.

I'm trying to convince my officemates that "Hacker News" isn't about computer hackers, but this link is the most useful on the homepage to me :-)

Offtopic: When I scroll this article in Opera it takes around 2 seconds from start to stop, and it's very jerky, even with smooth-scrolling off. It works perfectly fine in Firefox.

I've noticed it before, especially with long, well-designed pages, which is a shame.

I have noticed the same thing.

I think I found the problem: the current versions of Opera don't support hardware acceleration.

There is a lab build that uses OpenGL to speed things up, but it only made this page slower. It passes the microsoft fish test with flying colors, though.

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