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Why hasn't the mindframe changed with time?

One would imagine that the modern age, with it's Netflix, tinder, Hollywood movies would have pushed out mediaeval era conservative ideology.

I would actually argue that Netflix, tinder, Hollywood, including other western media, do more to confirm that “underwear should titillate”. Also in adverts here it almost always the titillating kind instead of plain comfortable. Point is that for us it is probably a choice what to buy/wear and that we don’t have to deal with bad quality underwear, regardless of style/form/function.

They're not heavily exposed to that in Pakistan. That stuff is regulated, controlled, and locked down.

Not true, only cable TV is regulated. Netflix has free reign atm (e.g., 50 Shades of Grey has yet to leave "top 10 most watched" here).

It's not that much different from the US, though, really, is it? Gay people couldn't marry here in most places until just a few years ago. And still, this country has raging huge debates about who is allowed to use which restroom, if a professional kneeling to a song is allowed to happen if he's black and trying to make a point, etc.

Sure, there are differences between Pakistan and the US, but I don't think the differences are as wide as you imply. Western 'hollywood' values are extremely gender-restrictive and not "open" or whatever at all.

The situation for women in Pakistan is completely different from the US.

Ranked second lowest for gender equality.


Apostasy is forbidden, homosexuality is illegal, religious minorities are often persecuted.

Yes, I know it is worse there than here.

Reading up on the US history, it seems like 'being' gay was only legalized/protected by the supreme court in the early 2000s. And even, "Fourteen states either have not yet formally repealed their laws against sexual activity among consenting adults or have not revised them to accurately reflect their true scope in the aftermath of Lawrence v. Texas" [1]

> religious minorities are often persecuted.

That sounds just like America to be totally honest.

> Apostasy

In the late 80's the president couldn't answer a reporter if atheists are considered citizens or not. Yes the law is different here, I know that.

But the US has a recent history (last 20 years) of banning gay activities and oppressing minorities through the use of the law.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LGBT_rights_in_the_United_Stat...

Edit: The report you linked shows the US gender gap as quite large, FWIW. The US is not near the top of the list - wayyy above second-to-last, yes, but again, not exactly the top. Below Colombia, Moldova, Bulgaria, etc- a host of countries that I think most Americans would assume are not as good as the US at gender gap - but in fact we are worse according to the report you linked.

Pakistan is still sentencing people to death for blasphemy, with mobs murdering lawyers who dare to defend the accused.



I don't know what point you are trying to make. Yes, I know that the laws are worse in Pakistan than the US.

But the US still also has the death penalty and in fact uses it to kill people who are mentally ill and unable to defend themselves. I'm not sure what this all proves.

Yes, America is ahead of Pakistan on laws. But are we really that great, so great that we wonder why other countries haven't caught up?

It looks like blasphemy was at least illegal in some states into the 2000s as well. Not the death penalty, sure, but still illegal. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blasphemy_law_in_the_United_St...

I'm not trying to say that America isn't more advanced with regards to its laws. We are. But we're not soooo advanced to the point where it makes sense to look down on other countries and wonder why they haven't "caught up yet" when we ourselves were and are doing horrible acts against minorities, even bound up by law.

> Not the death penalty, sure, but still illegal.

Your source says the last conviction was in 1928, and prosecutions had long since died out except for 3 cases. If anyone tried prosecuting those laws today, they'd just get thrown out.

There are a lot of unenforceable junk laws like this on the books because nobody has gotten around to repealing them. They are not examples of a modern medieval legal system.

There are also racist real estate covenants. They are unenforceable and hence moot today.

It sounds like we agree, then? 90 years ago, the US sentenced a man to 3 months in prison for being atheist. Yes, we don't do that today. I know that. I am not at any point trying to say that the US has worse religious or gender laws than Pakistan. I agree that we have better laws.

I think also, that we had really horrible laws in our recent past, and it's a bit silly to wonder why the rest of the world hasn't caught up to our 'modern' view of things when the last 100 years of American media dominance in the world espoused much of the hatred of minorities and restrictive laws that we see in other countries today.

The US is better with our laws, but we have a recent history of having horrible laws that were actively enforced against religious minorities and others. Systematic racism is still prevalent in the US today, despite our progress.

We have a lot of inward looking to do to improve as well. I don't think it's much of a surprise that other countries have backwards gender laws when the United States has a rich and recent history of similar laws.

> Netflix, tinder, Hollywood movies would have pushed out mediaeval era conservative ideology

The latter took centuries to form. The former was just invented recently.

You mean "frame of mind", by the way. Mindframe is not really a word or phrase and really confused me because it sounded so familiar lol

or mindset. I also felt the uncanny valley of "mindframe".

Oh yeah mindset is probably what they meant

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