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Suicide attempts among adolescent girls surged by more than 50% during pandemic (cnbc.com)
45 points by tdfx 46 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments

> CDC says


> according to CDC data.


> The study (4x)


> according to new data


> a study released Friday


> the CDC said (2x)


> according to the CDC

at least link to the study you reference a thousand times.

This article would also be much more informative if it included absolute numbers as well.

On a related note, the mental health system is overwhelmed.

Tragic. My heart goes out to all the parents affected; the sense of loss of control on top of everything else can't be easy, at the risk of a tasteless understatement.

I'd love to see more data given I remember there was a lot of news articles(1) in the vein of 'we expected more of a suicide surge in COVID across all demographics... but we didn't?' and then a few weeks later, this article pops up. Either this demographic (and possibly others) was disproportionately affected, or something's fishy about data.

(2) https://worksinprogress.co/issue/why-didnt-suicides-rise-dur... SSC weighs into this topic.

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