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on July 10, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite

Nice, but having such rigidly defined genres means you're going to miss out on the best of electronic music today, which is increasingly abandoning the genre classifications which have straightjacketed the music in the past.

For example, where on earth does this fit?


or this?


Sure, you can shoehorn them into house or techno, but that doesn't really do it justice. And having a 'misc' genre like 'electronica' is cheating. Electronica is a word invented and used by music journalists as a substitute for a proper understanding of the culture. And don't even think about including IDM or you will lose all credibility ;)

Otherwise, great work!

I submitted this yesterday to no fanfare, but it might be useful/relevant: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2746421

Off topic I know, but those are excellent tracks... Maybe somewhere else you could give further recommendations?

The first one is by Instra:mental - he has created some podcasts with dBridge (who used to be in a Drum&Bass group called 'Bad Company').

Unfortunately, those podcasts don't appear to be linked from the original site anymore, but here are the track listings for all of the Club Autonomic layers http://clubautonomic.wordpress.com/

But, if you go to their official soundcloud account http://soundcloud.com/club-autonomic-com , you can see at the very bottom that there are the first two layers.

Hope that helps!

I wouldn't even dare ask where various genres of tracked music (demo style, epic, silly, etc.) or video game music (NES, SNES, RPG, etc.) or the new scene trying to make dance music on old videogame hardware... could manage to fit.

Which reminds me, I'm off to Nectarine.


Ping me off HN so we can talk more about this, would love to get more feedback on finding amazing music off the beaten path. 01@helloworld.im or the email in my HN profile.

Slightly related, the genre list page was also terribly laggy to scroll for me. And this is on Chrome on a new series iMac.

We debugged it FOR AN HOUR today, not sure if it's the JS or CSS. + Respect for anyone that figures out why it's lagging.

It's the background. In Chrome or Safari, open up the inspector and disable it. Smooth as ever.

Specifically, it's the `background-attachment: fixed` that's killing performance here.


I don't have a twitter account, so I can't even look around the site or find out more about it.

EDIT: Not so much of a jab, rather just to let you know you've maybe lost a customer or two because its not worth the payoff for me to get an account to just look at your site (I don't know if its a site ill like enough to justify that effort!)

I do have a twitter account, but I closed the page immediately when I saw that's what I needed to do to proceed.

It's worth turning off quite a few people for our chat to use twitter handles. The conversation is quite different thanks to a bit of transparency.

Limiting your audience from "fans of electronic music" to "fans of electronic music with twitter accounts (willing to trust us with access their data)" is quite a few people.

Why do you need access to DM's?

it's actually a default setting on twitter for read-only access which is disappearing in the next couple of weeks.

Ah Ok. I thought they'd made that change already. Good to know.

Console.fm is a way to listen to the top electronica charts, it requires Twitter log in to use the channel based chat system. We made this in 72 hours as a side project to listen to better music.

interesting how does it play it? how do you play it?

We've been electronica DJs for a few years and have our own special ways of music discovery. Console.fm automates the tedium that we used to spend looking ourselves. The music all comes from the soundcloud API and is played through sound manager 2.

I'd check it out as I listen to beats all day, but I refuse to give any site my Twitter/Facebook details.

Also, you broke the back button.

Really? I'm normally as paranoid as the next guy, but this only requests read access. Stuff that anyone can find out about you any way if you already have a (public) Twitter account.

The frontpage is rather mysterious, though, I agree.

That's the whole point of OAuth; so that you can sign in without giving them your password. You can revoke the permissions of any 3rd party in your twitter settings page.

Anything I can do to convince you we're not using your data wrongly?

I'm sure you aren't.

I just don't want to connect sites together. Would much rather create a separate account at each website like the good old days. Puzzles me why new sites are cannibalizing their potential like this because I can't be alone in this thinking.

Have some sort of alternative sign-up that doesn't require a pre-existing social network account?

This is a huge unexpected request, we'll definitely look more into it. Happy to talk more, just email us 01@helloworld.im

This service is very clean, Brings me back to the days when I would just listen to the tracks posted on ravelinks.com I do agree with the comment about not being able to copy an artists name or song, and two features I would love to see are 1. a random/shuffle button, one that goes beyond the genre you are currently in. 2. the ability to click on a song and bring up more songs from that artists page.

This looks promising!

Two ux issues: 1. If I switch into another tab while listening to the music there is a notification sound every time someone says something new in the chat room. This sound is overlayed over the music which is somewhat annoying. The only way to turn the notification sound off and still listen to the music is by closing the chat room. 2. Once you close the chat room there is no obvious way to re-open it until you refresh the page and click on "More chats" in the lower left corner - a part of the screen I'm least likely to look at. Expected behavior is that the chat should just reappear where it was in the first place.

Cool, but I would like to have a way to know more about the artist/tune. With the current interface, it's not even possible to select the text of an artist's name or the song title to copy and paste it.

Good suggestion, we're just trying to get something out there. Email us anything else you come up with 01@helloworld.im

Great stuff...been playing this all day.

Grovulent - do you have DATA to back up your claim?

maneesh why arent you in the office with us right now :)


But I've never seen such a thin submission rise this fast before... ever... and I been around a while.

The thinness is my fault, I filled out the description box but didn't realise it wouldn't actually show up. This is the first thing I've ever submitted

Oh well - happy to be corrected if that's the case...

I wish my submissions would all rise as easily. I mean the app is reasonable. Nothing earth shattering. This many votes? Really?

This has 7 points within 18 minutes. Forgive me if I'm wrong - but isn't it a little uncool to spruik yourselves this way?

I mean - fair enough if you had linked to a blog post highlighting some interesting tech you had used or something like that - but to a blank twitter sign up page... which I don't want to use... without even an overview of what the service does... that's lame. (even lamer to be vote rigging such a lame submission).

If I could downvote this - I would.

I don't have anything to do with them, just been listening to it all morning and thought it was cool and HN might be interested as it was made by dudes in the startup community as a side project. Also with turntable.fm blowing up right now, we could be looking at a rebirth in social music innovation which has been kind of stagnant since pandora/spotify/grooveshark.

We definitely are. =^]

I'm not sure what is up with the recent hostility on HN. This is an interesting service that is already launched (so your quibble about it not being news is kind of strange). The fact you don't want to use it and you consider the signup page "blank" means you could have responded with positive criticism and helped them improve the landing page.

That would help the community more as a whole here.

Sorry your experience was so poor, we honestly didn't want this to go out on HN yet. We're testing stuff too. Happy to explain whatever.

Well I got nothing against the service.

Tweeting things to dozens of people does tend to let the cat out of the bag tho...

I got nothing against self-promotion mind you. I just don't think a blank sign up page is news... anyhoo - power to you. The music is v. nice.

Thanks for the kind words, the tweets were intended to get a small, < 100 people to test it out.

That might be out of the ordinary on Monday morning. But I can't imagine there's too much competition for the front page at 2 am on Saturday night.

Maybe that reinforces my point? It's not that it hit the front page - it really doesn't take many votes for that even during busy hours. But that it got THIS many votes so quickly during a low period... hmm... sorry but it's just dubious to me.

Maybe lots of fans of electronic stay up late?

Simple Service done well for the proper niche. Nice work. Would love a link out to the actual SoundCloud page to leave comments, see other artist tracks etc.

I've only explored it a little, but this product just seems like a mashup of Muxtape and Facebook-style chat.

What makes Turntable.fm chat interesting is that everyone is listening to and talking about the same song.. you don't get that here. It seems like people are just grouped by genres, but everyone can be clicking on and playing different songs.

totally, and in the future depending on response we might turn on the concurrent play like turntable, just getting started, thanks for the feedback

This is pretty cool. However, what if I want to have a PRIVATE chat with someone?

It would be cool to send them a capability-based URL, or unique. sending someone console.fm/5thXv would take them to a specific playlist I've made while we can chat about it on the site. Etc.

Good work though. I like the look and feel quite a bit.

Great work, this kind of unattended service is great for days you just need good background work music...

How do you plan on differentiating from 22tracks.com ?

Edit: Just discovered the associated playlist chat-room.. nevermind.

This is amazing, loving the choice/variety. Can see it becoming my new destination to discover music

Reminds me of a completely forgotten feature of some old P2P apps like Soulseek: genre chat.

Wow. I totally forgot about SoulSeek but I remember a time when it was the best p2p app.

The most frictionless zero-to-using I can ever remember having. Amazing work, fellas.

Thank you!!!! We're working on making it easier too. Cheers.

Sad thing it doesn't save the volumne settings when you switch channels.

Really like the player/play list interface. simple.. uncluttered..

I wonder is there any way to hack-in the last.fm support? Or maybe even log in with one's last.fm account. I would be happy to offer some help with that.

Also, can I note that we're trying to find a javascript dev to work on this with us! Email us - 01@helloworld.im

Nice done. Could you make repeat button?

somehow linked to @500startups and not telling where the charts come from (yet).

We're the guys from Hello World, part of the accelerator batch. This was a side project while we were waiting on another developer to refactor some code. All in all we spent about 3 days on the project. The goal was to make something we could listen to at the office all day without having to click "Awesome" every 5 minutes, but we went a bit overboard on the social features.

Damn hot! It's pretty simple.

Totally busted on Android.

Yeah, mobile is awful right now. Sorry about that.

Whose hosting the music?

Everything comes from the Soundcloud API. Seriously great service!

where is the social all i saw was a list

Theres a chat at the bottom for each of the channels.

Didn't sign in, because I couldn't get any information about it without signing in with twitter. And I'm not going to sign into a site with my twitter account unless I know what the hell it is.

Well you can always login with a BugMeNot account for Twitter (http://www.bugmenot.com/view/twitter.net). I don't have a Twitter account and it's working fine with that.

Electronic music charts that you can listen to, the twitter sign in is for the chat feature. It's meant to be music to work to all day. Sorry for the confusion.


We agree! The guys at http://envolve.com deserve a ton of credit for getting the chat set up, especially James. It's fantastic!!!

Does not work for me, after twitter sign in, i am taken to this page: http://console.fm/genres which says "That page is missing, put out an Amber alert." in big

Yeah we had a problem a few minutes ago, should be working now.

Okay, works now :-)

sorry, you must have come on right at our crash, my quick fingers got it back up lol

> turntable.fm blowing up right now

When I look at a music app, I now compare it to turntable.fm because they are setting a new standard. Sorry, but console.fm cannot compete in it's current configuration.

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