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If manually managing memory is like wielding a gun, the borrow checker is an automatic safety that prevents you from pulling the trigger when you're roughly pointing it at yourself. But it's coarse-grained and errs on the side of caution; it simulates your foot as as the rectangular box that would contain it, not as a detailed 3D mesh. If you really think you can aim it between your toes and avoid hitting yourself (for example, "the value returned by this function must remain alive for no more than 15 successive invocations of this function"), unsafe will let you try, but the borrow checker's built-in rules isn't granular enough to help you, though it will still stop you if you accidentally put your hand in front without declaring it.

C is like a laser gun in a room full of oddly-shaped mirrors with no safety at all. Good luck.

> it's coarse-grained and errs on the side of caution

That's what type systems in general do. There is no type system for a turing-complete language that is both sound and complete. (Trivial proof: if (undecidable) halt; unsound.)

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