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Show HN: MovieTable: Goodbye Netflix scrolling, hello perfect movie night (movietable.app)
2 points by mfiggy 11 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments

I sometimes use https://www.justwatch.com/ which covers some other streaming services, too plus pay-per-watch (I don't have Amazon Prime but a 1,99 movie is alright) and allow to set your Netflix country as coverage is different across regions. The killer feature for me would be to mark/hide everything I've already seen. Could even be a browser extension. Netflix keeps showing me pages of movies I've seen already.

Thank you for sharing, that's all super helpful.

I'm also hoping to add lists for movies you've already seen + want to watch.

Didn't think of the browser extension!

I've lost a lot of time scrolling Netflix and clicking past ads on listicles to find good movies to watch.

So I scraped and compiled a database of 10k+ top movies, and put it in Airtable for powerful sorting and filtering. I think using Airtable queries to find good movies (by director, genre, year, etc.) is super helpful.

I'd love feedback on how you find movies and what the biggest pain points are, so that I can make MovieTable more useful. :)

> Match specific combinations of categories and filters in seconds.

I don't even know what kind of movie I want to watch. I would not be able to come up with a search input.

I have 2 ways of using netflix:

  - pick a random movie without even reading the description (discovered some truly beautiful movies, like "About time", and many terrible ones)
  - scroll for 1h and then go to youtube

Thank you for the insight!

Goodluck with this. Movie discovery is indeed a pain and something close to my heart which I want to solve. Atleast for me.

I have been thinking along the lines of finding the k nearest people who like movies like you and suggest ones they watched.

Thanks I appreciate it :)

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