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Ask HN: Google Meet Broken on Firefox M1?
3 points by bookaway 2 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments
Google Meet no longer works consistently for me on Firefox MacOS M1.

It drops all audio (input/output) immediately or a few moments after joining the meet. Seemed to start happening when a new version of Google Meet was rolled out recently. But it's still broken.

I don't want to use Chromium browsers, especially since all video web apps on Chromium including Google Meet obnoxiously and insistently hijack the microphone volume for some reason.

The war against nice things continues I guess.

On Firefox I regularly get "Your browser can't play this video." when opening youtube videos, which magically gets resolved when refreshing the page. Gmail also prints an error on first load then works after a few refreshes.

Yes I have noticed the same and I have Firefox well integrated in my workflow, I just had to switch to a chromium based browser only to use Google Meet.

Especially poignant as well because Firefox support for Meet was recently mentioned in passing as one of those FAANG decisions that could be applauded.


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