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ProPublica's piece said that Bezo's paid $955 million, Elon Musk Paid $455 million and Buffet paid $23 million. This being 18-33% of their income. ProPublica then made the leap to compare their income tax to their net worth for some reason so they can say they are taxed "almost nothing".

Now they are taking that "almost nothing" tax and saying that it was literally a $0 income tax? Come on.

Well I also found this article by ProPublica that says U.S billionaires faced taxes as low as 0%. You say the terminology creates a bit of difference I guess, facing the tax is not equivalent of paying those taxes. An example would be Amazon's recent beef with EU regulators in Luxembourg. These giants owe taxes but they have found ways that help them not to actually pay these taxes.

Link to article: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-06-08/u-s-billl...

Actually, EU wanted Luxembourg to tax Amazon more, but the EU court of justice found the taxation to be correct.

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