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[flagged] Blackrock is buying every single family house they can find (twitter.com/aphilosophae)
16 points by huntermeyer 11 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 13 comments

No, they aren’t.

That “buying an entire neighborhood in a single transaction” thing is misleading.

It was designed from the very beginning to be sold in a single transaction, much like apartment towers in the city are designed, built, and then sold.

A “normal” housing development sells individual houses one at a time, usually far in advance of the house being built. You can’t sell the whole thing at once unless you planned to do that at the very beginning of the project.

I'll save you some trouble. This lost all credibility when 3/4 of the way down the poster starts talking about how the 2020 election was stolen.

> You think this will be corrected by market forces when it is a financial and political pincher movement pushed by the same cabal that stole the 2020 election & hid COVID Truth?

And when I checked the great Reset page, it seems to be about only investing in sustainable companies? No doubt also terrifying to the poster. Not that I don't worry about large entities buying up housing and raising house prices and possibly controlling the market. House prices consistently outpacing wages does not seem like a good long term strategy

My guess is because with the rise of telework/distributed people don’t need to live in urban centers, therefore they are more flexible on where to live, therefore want houses and walkable neighborhoods. Since it’s hard to make more of these quickly, demand will rise.

If more companies come out of COVID with liberal remote work policies, and I think they will to compete, this will make demand for these houses go way up as people start making long term plans (eg, “I can’t move the kids to a new school until I find out if work sticks with telework”).

I also wonder if there are more exurb dev deals breaking ground with planned communities 1 hour away from large metro areas. I think it’s good time to invest in semi-remote small towns with fiber to the home.

Honestly I see the opposite happening. A fresh wave of young distributed workers coming into urban centers.

> walkable neighborhoods.

Is there any proof of this? Or just a wish?

Just my guess. I live in a burb and have seen housing prices spike. And my city metro sprawl affected prices and that’s becoming less of an issue.

Not sure how to actually know this unless there’s Gallop polls or something.

From what I've seen, American suburbs are not very walkable. I mean, they do have sidewalks, but most of them are not places where you'd want to walk around, since everything is so far away.

Same for me. But there are some and it seems to be getting better. And it’s possible to see walkability scores [0] on Zillow and other buying sites.

I think the suburb/exurbs with more sidewalks and walkability will distinguish from their competing cities.

While I’d rather live in Paris with everything a few steps away, a half mile walk for dinner is actually pretty nice.

[0] https://www.walkscore.com/methodology.shtml

This should probably be illegal. One could argue it's beneficial for renters i.e. 'free market' but what this really is is the financial system and especially the federal reserve enabling funds to leverage themselves over the middle class.

Only so many equities they can buy, have to get out of cash, buy homes and big against other people.

It also may be another sign of inflation.

This is exactly the sort of thing that led to Andrew Jackson killing the National Bank.

I wonder what he'd think of a private entity doing the same thing.

The Federal Reserve has increased it's balance sheet massively in 2008 and then again in COVID, the money is supposed to go into re-establishing the economy.

But instead of hiring workers, Blackrock is buying homes of those workers, probably a little cheaper, and using leverage to turn people into serfs.

Like 'Socialism for Capitalists Only'.

We really need to be careful about this.

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