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Show HN: A flow based data processing editor (datablocks.pro)
188 points by moklick 9 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 20 comments

Hey! this is Moritz. one of the creators of datablocks. the project is in a very early stage and more like a showcase right now. If you have any feedback, please let me know :) It's very valuable for us. We open sourced the underlying library for creating the flows. It's called react flow https://reactflow.dev/. The backend is built with nhost and we can really recommend it -> https://nhost.io/! Thanks for the nice words here :)

Well I’ll be damned. I literally just discovered react-flow about two hours ago while spelunking some other app’s source. It has unlocked so many ideas in my head! I’ve been sitting with the whiteboard scribbling stuff to make it with it… it’s gonna be a long night lol

I think people will accuse you saying "You stole the name from databricks"

I'm working on a product that uses react-flow, and I just wanted to thank you for developing that awesome library! As a data professional, I also think Datablocks is pretty amazing. I would only add that you guys should consider adding "Output" blocks: Postgres, BigQuery, Mongo, etc. outputs would be super useful -- extra points for spinning up a temporary DB in the cloud.

thanks :) database connectors are on our list!

enso is awesome! I will also check the other links.

Looks slick. We are doing something similar but different with https://www.easydatatransform.com. Although data scientist seem mostly wedded to R and Python, I think no-code graph-based tools have a lot to offer to everyone else.

looks interesting. Thanks for the link.

I guess this isn't an ETL but the look and featureset overlap with the ETL space quite a lot. Hence it would be interesting to know how this compares with the many graphical ETL tools out there, say SSIS, Pentaho, Talend, Stitch, Apache Airflow, Parabola.io

It might have more in common with that old (IBM?) too DataExplorer, later OpenDX iirc.

Very cool! I use vector.dev on daily basis and this feels very much like a GUI version of it.

On a side note, thank you for referring to vector.dev. After skimming through their documentation that will be a useful tool as well.

Pretty cool! I'll try it out in more detail.

I also liked a similar product, aimed more at ETL/ML/AI segment, that was recently posted on HN: https://hal9.ai

Question: I added a 'HTTP Request' which returns JSON data, but connecting it to the 'Sort' block shows a warning/error: 'Data input is not valid. Accepted types are: DATASET'. So how do you convert JSON to a dataset?

This looks pretty awesome!

Something that might be cool is also identifying the schemas and the ranges. You would probably be able to automatically generate some of these blocks. You could use something like this:


With enough data, you could probably further automate this process with AI. Good luck! Feel free to reach out for ideas or anything.

Spotted a bug. Using Firefox on Windows.

1. Add UFO example block.

2. Add Filter

3. Set filter options to Year, Equals, 1945

4. No results, and the Equals dropdown changes to Please Select.

thanks for the hint! I will have a look.

Thanks for sharing. I found a lot of interesting information here. A really good post, very thankful and helpful.


Looks cool. Let me play with my performance data.

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