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Show HN: Productivity apps are killing productivity (research with Cornell Uni) (language.work)
26 points by qrt 12 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments

Looking at the document, it seems like they make pretty strong judgments about the numbers they found even though they don't compare those numbers to any alternatives.

For example, who's to say that 59 minutes/day looking up knowledge isn't the cutting edge of what's possible, for the type and size of organization they consider? Probably far better than cabinets of paper archives.

Guilty admission: through both the range of suggestions and discussion, and its pretty nifty search capabilities, HN acts as something of a notes repository for me. I'm drawn to tools that let me do this.

And actively avoid those which don't. Yes, your platform's / site's lack of search is actively hurting substantive contributions to it.

o hai redded....

(Now if I could figure out how to steal all of HN's procrastination-inducing thunder....)

> Software impairs knowledge sharing: 49% of people report concerns that important information will get lost

This is a constant worry for me. I upload and share things into places and I usually assume I will never be able to get back to it. So I bookmark the link just in case

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