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Show HN: Automatically Rebase Branches onto Master (github.com/timmmm)
5 points by timhh 12 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 4 comments

I work on a fast-moving repo and got fed up with constantly pulling master and rebasing all my branches manually, so I made this tool to do it for me. It was surprisingly complicated!

Nice idea. I’m more of a merge fan than rebase except for some cases (cases where there are more than a few conflicts and you want to deal with them on a commit by commit basis)

Thanks! I haven't really tried that way of working - mainly because it feels less clean (more complicated history), especially if you want to keep your feature split into a nice sequence of small diffs to make review easier (I think some people call that a "stack of patches").

I guess there's no reason why you couldn't have an equivalent that automatically merges `master` into all of your branches though!

Sick ive been looking for a tool like this

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