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Show HN: Open source platform to enhance your user experience. TRACARDI
2 points by tracardi 11 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 1 comment
I just released TRACARDI - an open-source platform for user and customer management under Apache 2.0 license.


It is the platform for new data-driven businesses that want to automate: * user profile management, * user marketing consents, * customer segmentation, etc.

I have been working on this project and building it in public for the past 3 months. Now I think it's time to free the code and see some love and hate from the public :) Though it is maybe still a bit early but I want to see if there is any need for such a platform.


If you like the project please follow me on twitter https://bit.ly/3uVJwLJ. I documented my development journey on YouTube channel https://bit.ly/3pbdbPR for anyone who prefers watching then reading.

https://github.com/atompie/tracardi you can't just post your github, you have to track it?

No one should trust short URLS. http://checkshorturl.com/expand.php?u=https://bit.ly/35d49bL

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