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Show HN: Finding good mock interview partners is hard so I built mockme.io (mockme.io)
14 points by apuchitnis 10 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments

Hey everyone - OP here,

Over the last few months I've been helping my friends prepare for interviews at FAANG, since I was fortunate enough to receive offers when I applied myself a few years ago.

They've found my mocks really helpful in improving their technique, but when it comes to finding more people to do interviews with online they've really struggled - people they're partnered up with on existing platforms are often at a completely different level and can't test them like a real interviewer would.

So I decided to build something to help! https://mockme.io

The key idea with mockme is that instead of being matched with someone randomly, we use your LeetCode rating, previous experience (verified by LinkedIn) and other info to find a partner who can challenge you as a real interviewer would.

Would love to hear your thoughts, feedback, questions or any other comments Oh - and signup if you'd like to join the beta!

Cool concept, best of luck to you with it.

I have to admit though, I think the name could be better. I understand it's a play on "mock interview" but "to mock" has several meanings and the one in "mock me" doesn't seem like the one you want to associate with your service. Maybe something like "mock match" instead?

Hey emrah - thanks for the feedback :)

Good point - I was trying to be playful and fun, but perhaps it doesn't read as I expected. It's still early stages, so I can rebrand if needed. Will have a think and talk to a few users to hear their thoughts too.

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