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Show HN: Maze (maze.co)
4 points by uffo 1 day ago | hide | past | favorite | 8 comments

I don’t know if it’s just me or ... but I looked at their landing page and do not recognise or understand what they are selling.

Are they literally selling a service to test a maze? If this really has something to do with usability testing, why are they calling it a maze?

Imo, this landing page could benefit from usability testing.

Yeah, it's pretty baffling. Some screenshots of the product in action would go a long way. It doesn't help that the content keeps appearing and disappearing when I scroll the page, and sometimes stays disappeared until I scroll all the way up and then slowly down. It's an infuriating page to try to read, I don't understand what's wrong with just having a page of content that the user can scroll through. Why does this have to mess with the scroll behaviour and hide content when people are trying to read it?

Oh right, Gatsby.

This was exactly my thought. Each header on that page makes zero sense to me. Maybe because I have no clue about WHAT the product tests. Does it test an app? Does it validate a marketing idea? Does it test the user interface of a prototype app? Argh...

That looks more like an established product than a show HN. I could be wrong.

I thought the same, their customer stories go back to Oct 2018.

Given I just posted here for the first time I was looking through show yesterday a bunch. Think this is a repost because it says it’s recent but I remember it. Reposting ok in this community? Seems like it wouldn’t be.

Any demo that makes me sign up with an email is an instant no for me.

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