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Ask HN: Tools for Remote Pair Programming?
5 points by antfarm 2 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 9 comments
I do a lot of remote pair programming lately, admittedly mostly in the driver seat. We use MS Teams as that is what the rest of the company uses. I think there is room for improvement, e.g. simultaneous sharing of windows on both sides.

Can you point me to a tool that works well for you?

At work we use Google meet, which can handle multiple people screen sharing at once, and VSCode live share. It works pretty well. VSCode will forward ports for you so both people can access the running webapp, and you can allow them access to a terminal so it’s lets both of you to work in the code base as if they are developing solo locally.

Check if your IDE marketplace have plugins for that. For example PyCharm has CodeWithMe which is pretty neat.


Shameless plug: Check out this small app I made for this https://github.com/three-consulting/ohut

Big fan of Coscreen. Super helpful to be able to share documentation or reference materials as well as an IDE.


I work alone so don't get the chance to pair program, but I hear a lot of good things about tuple.app

So both Atom and PHPStorm (JetBrains product) have the ability to do remote pair programming.


I miss screenhero

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