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MethOps, Marrying Methodology and IT-Operations. – Qualicen (qualicen.de)
16 points by Alcha 11 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 13 comments

I just upvoted this because I can't believe anyone not on drugs could think of this as a serious name. I thought it was satire but then the blog post seemed serious.

I concur. The term obviously refers to another sort of thing entirely.

This is largely why I felt the need to share it. I've never posted to HackerNews but I didn't see this one anywhere on here and had to share.

Maybe that connotation doesn't translate into German

German is my mother tongue and I live in Germany. I can confirm that my first association with MethOps was the drug and nothing related to methods. I assume this would be true for most Germans. Perhaps with the exception of older people, let's say retired ones.

It does. It even made it into the dictionary as a loan word https://www.duden.de/rechtschreibung/Meth

I live in Germany. It absolutely translates.

This would get a snicker out of anyone here.

Your sensibilities are not universally shared, having said that, it's a reflection of our industry, but when I look at many corporate dev/IT ( reinvented with tucked mildly skinny jeans and no tie ), I'm on the fence about this one.

About the content itself: It looks like another young gun discovered the nuts and bolts of a wheel.

Whatever, it's not my war.

> We use technically necessary cookies on our website

It's a blogpost?

Also the hamburger menu has nothing in it.

Looks like the dev team have been smoking a bit of the content.

MethOps seems what half the crazed start-up CEOs I worked for are using.

I’m concerned that this will lead to more managers thinking they are on the right path with their current way of rewarding engineers… only to lead to more burnout.

Lol. "Ihr habt doch Steine geraucht!" (methodisch)

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