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List of remote companies offering 4 day work weeks (remotechoice.co)
37 points by obunu 11 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 11 comments

I love this idea. I once worked a 4-10 schedule, and having a weekday off was such an incredibly nice thing. I could run all of my errands while everything is open and spend the weekend actually relaxing.

Flexible work weeks is a real, actually competitive advantage these companies can have over FANG to attract talent. Best of luck to them, and I’ll definitely be considering this when it comes time.

I'd actually be interested in almost the opposite -- a company that compensates me for all the extra time I put in.

That would seem to lead unavoidably to extremely perverse incentives.

Which should mean every company, according to the law (at least in my country, BR)

You've only got about 30-35 valuable hours per week. Beyond that and your time is approaching $0/hour of value.

There are lots of extremely valuable things I can do that don't require deep focus -- like being available to junior engineers to field their questions and keep them unblocked. Even at hour 60 that has significant value.

In the UK there's also https://www.4dayweek.co.uk/employers

They run an accreditation 4-day work week with no loss of pay scheme.

Not enough :(

If you’re looking for new business ideas, this is a good hit list for disruption.

Do you mind explaining why? I had the opposite reaction reading a list with... git client, fitness app, notetaking app, webdev agencies and CRM.

Likely signals that the business enjoys fat gross margins, and the team is… comfortable.

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