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Ask HN: What do you use Notion for?
3 points by amrrs 3 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments
I see a lot of people using Notion to improve their productivity, I tried a bit but I was constantly moving between multiple to-dos and Notion became one another To-Do (along with default reminders, Keep). I'm just curious to know Y'all use it!

At work : to manage the onboarding of newcomers, to organize our weekly strategic meeting (we have a page where we share our subjects and reflexions), to organize the engineering wiki and more generally the knowledge of the team on various subjects. Notion is good for managing knowledge in a team, I am less convinced but using it as a tool for project management / kanban. At home : I open a new Notion page by topic (like : Python tips, books to read, notes from a book, ideas on a specific problem I'm dealing with) and once in while I supress non useful pages or regroup them in a master page. For the todo I alternate between Notion and pen and paper. I don't know why I am better at managing my time and priorities when I write then down.

I do use it as a project management system (as a freelancer), but my main use is having it as my brain dump. And I love it.

I have my knowledge base where I put notes of courses I take, interesting programming links or business insights I see in the wild. It's also perfect for writing down ideas and organizing small projects.

Standard to-dos never clicked for me. I usually assign a time slot for the task in my calendar or have it listed in the project page.

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