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Show HN: Transcribe any YouTube video with 1 click (ytscribe.com)
6 points by cedyf 13 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

This is fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

The transcription is really good. Can you share more how you did it? Does it use a third party?

A few thoughts:

1. add timestamps -- preferably clickable ones. this would be really helpful for me as a content creator to add my own timestamps to the description. also useful to viewers

2. man, I say "uh" and "um" a lot. Can those be removed?

3. it breaks it up into "paragraphs", but in a weird way. also, not much punctuation.

4. there's a proper noun in there, "Okta", that is rendered as "octa" -- any way to tell it that this sound is spelled this way? I'd love this for my Android speech-to-text, too

5. when watching the video on your site, have the video stay put as you scroll the text. that way, you can watch it and read the text at the same time

It uses the actual transcription from YouTube itself?

Hey guys creator here,

YouTubeScribe is back. This is a small chrome extension that lets you read almost any page as if it was an essay.

I built this for myself because I've been consuming a of those Y Combinator YouTube Interviews and seeing it in writing helps a lot.

Any comments or feedback would be super appreciated! Still very new to this.

How does it work? 1. Install Chrome Extension (or paste it in a yt url) 2. Get a full transcript

Easy and simple.

> lets you read any page

That's not true though, is it? It only works for Youtube videos having subtitles.

Yes luckily YouTube automatically transcribes 90% of videos.

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