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Ask HN: What is the best tool to infer data type of tabular data?
5 points by mahalel 3 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments
Hi HN, I am looking for the most accurate tool which I can use to infer Data Types from Tabular data (csv,tsv,excel)

I need to be able to perform some small customization, if possible, to the detection algorithm. For example if I have a 9 digit number, starting with 0, then treat it as a String.

So far - I have found Frictionless Framework [0] which seems good, but I can't see any way of specifying customizations to the profiling algorithm, and Data Profiler [1] which uses ML for type detection, and it seems I should be able to train some new rules but I need a CUDA capable machine, which at the moment I do not have.

Hoping the collective HN brain can point me to something better if it exists.

[0] - https://framework.frictionlessdata.io/ [1] - https://github.com/capitalone/DataProfiler

What kind of types?

https://pandas.pydata.org/pandas-docs/stable/reference/api/p... is pretty powerful (see also "parse_dates" and "converters" parameters). See also parse_excel()

You can also use procedural code to look at the column data and change the type:

    # if all values in col c2 when converted to string begin with "0" and and values are of length 9, convert to int64
    if df["col"].str.match("^0").all() and set(df["col"].str.len()) == {9}:
        df["col"] = df["col"].astype("int64")

Got it working, thank you ;)

Thank you! I will have a play with it :D

I’d probably knock one up in nodejs ad follows:

Import a csv reader library that can stream.

Read each line and apply a series of regex, each one classifying on match.


Means string

Then have a reduction rule e.g.

If so far we think it’s a numeric column and we get a string then treat as string.

If so far we think it’s a numeric column and we get a number it is still a numeric column.

Then doing the regex and reduce in a loop will give you the final answers.

Happy to knock up some example code if you wish.

Hey that's pretty awesome, I'm ok at the regex stuff, but not that familiar with NodeJS. If you don't mind throwing me a snippet to develop from, that would be much appreciated.

It doesn’t have to be nodejs I think this would be just as easy in python or Java etc.

I’ll put something together though when I get some time

Hey, I got it working in Python with pandas, thanks so much for the suggestions

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