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Show HN: Record your screen and share the video as a link (recordjoy.com)
40 points by Flicflac 14 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 6 comments

So "that's only visible to those you share it with." - does that mean trying to create a long url and hope that evil third parties don't find it?

Or is there a password, it's encrypted, and shows a counter how many user agents have hit the page and option to destroy after a single view like firefox-send?

kudos for not having sex or porn in your terms of service.

as a possible user, when it comes to video like things - I am skeptical of free - it's unsustainable, and leads to some sort of later bad (obtrusive ads and tracking, business disappears over night - all data loss, worse things.)

I'd feel better if it said something like ' to keep the service accessible to all, a free option is available at very low resolution, with a registered account you can send XX number of HD views per month without tracking.. as a premium service you get XX number of shares with HD audio and video - enterprise options available..

something like that.

that way I feel the company has skin in the game and won;t go corrupt or belly up - or is really just a three letter agency watering hole in the first place.

If it take off it will become a target for botnets - if I was going to use it regularly I'd need to know that experienced people were watching server logs and had multiple layers of bot protection and such.

random thoughts - love the idea. Screen sharing can lead to all sorts of password details, bank details and all sorts of other things leaking unintentionally - guaranteed digital shredding would be nice on top of other things.

love the detailed feedback. thank you

Congrats on launching and trying to scratch your own itch.

1. Is there an option to keep the recording for longer than 30 days/more than 50 views (maybe a paid option)?

2. It would be good to include a sample recording done with this. I tried creating a demo video for our service and it was a pain primarily due to the quality of the videos - https://twitter.com/gui_4_gae/status/1382916940004429826

We are working on adding features like 1) so stay tuned!

Hi OP here! I created recordjoy.com to make it easy to record your screen and share it quickly. No installation needed.

I personally have an edtech background, and made this to show my students how to solve math problems.

However, as it has grown I've seen people use it to record bugs and demo how to use their website. Hope hackers and educators find this useful. I'd love to hear your comments!

This is a really nice idea. I wanted to share some screen recordings recently and ended up recording them and putting them on imgur. I much prefer this.

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