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Anvil | Software Developer | Cambridge, UK | On-site/Semi-Remote | Full-time or Part-time | https://anvil.works/jobs

Anvil | Junior Software Developer | Cambridge, UK | On-site/Semi-Remote | Full-time or Part-time | https://anvil.works/jobs

Anvil | Developer Advocate | Cambridge, UK | On-site/Semi-Remote | Full-time or Part-time | https://anvil.works/jobs

Help us fix web development at Anvil (https://anvil.works)!

Web development is way too hard – Javascript, HTML, CSS, SQL, and frameworks coming out of your ears. So we built Anvil: a simpler way for anyone to build full-stack web apps, entirely in Python. Anvil is a web framework; it’s an online code editor; it’s a GUI builder; and it’s a hosting platform. And you’ll be helping us with all of it.

We're looking for:


Build the platform that's fixing web development for everyone. You’ll be working on the Anvil editor (that’s the development environment, code editor, drag-and-drop designer, version control, and so on) and the Anvil runtime (that’s the Python-to-JS compiler, UI toolkit, database, integrations, and the hosting engine that makes it so easy to deploy).

Our stack is mostly Javascript, Clojure and Python (in descending order of line count). We don’t need you to be an expert in all of these already, and for the junior role we don't require any, just talent and an eagerness to learn. Otherwise, we’ll want to see evidence that you can hit the ground running with at least one of them – or that you’re a great all-rounder who won’t have a problem with any of it.

Much (or most) of your work will be open source: https://anvil.works/open-source


We need developers with great communication skills, to show people how to build awesome things with Anvil. You’ll be writing how-to guides, blog posts and tutorials, building example apps, presenting Anvil at conferences (when those resume), and helping our users – from individual developers to huge tech companies – build their applications. And then you’ll help us work out how to improve Anvil for them.

It's rewarding work – developers love being introduced to Anvil (our stand is always crowded[0] at conferences!). Plus, there are all the advantages of an early-stage startup: lots of autonomy, and huge impact.

We're bootstrapped and profitable, and a diverse team, with customers ranging from tiny startups to household names. Find out more: https://anvil.works/jobs

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