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Google+ NSA, no thanks (nerdbusiness.com)
8 points by mrschwabe on July 8, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 5 comments

I fail to see the point of posts such as these. If you are using someone else's services and communicating without e2e encryption, you either do not care about being spied upon, or are willfully ignoring it. The problem isn't that G+ adds a small amount more detail on your life that you've already mostly surrendered to Google; it's that you (i.e., citizens and elected representatives) passed the Patriot Act, condone wiretapping, and are allowing corporations to mine your data in return for "free" services.

As an immigrant, I have little choice but to surrender much of this information anyway to stay "legal", but I don't think it's very different even for a citizen. Until most of the country is ready to act against the bigger invasions of privacy, staying away from Google+ citing "privacy reasons" sounds somewhat pointless.

How is this different to Facebook? They're also a US company, and subject to the same laws.

While indeed Facebook is also subject to the Patriot Act, I'm not aware of any contracts or 'close relationships' that the NSA has with them. The same could not be said about Google, which may very well be providing the NSA with real-time data (for all we know, since the relationship is secret).

I'm not saying any such contracts exists... But, if they existed, why do you think you'd be aware of them?

Okay since you are so afraid the NSA will look at your G+, I hope you are not using GMail to receive your Facebook notifications... they might just READ EVERYTHING!! The horror.

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