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The importance of identifying moments and insights from long form of Interviews
1 point by vatsalns 10 days ago | hide | past | favorite | discuss
3 months ago, in Speak Ai office hours 7, we talk about the importance of identifying moments from the Speakers. You can find in this video "why is it important and how does this help you in your work."

The video will give you more insights; if you are doing #interviews or #research using online or offline platforms and recordings of those meetings, how do you separate your speakers' understanding and insights?

That could be categories in insights, sentiment analysis, transcription, communication skills, most frequent words or brands and many more!

I talked about one of the above updates last week about Speaker separation and more to come! Here's the link to that post: https://lnkd.in/gATzQhm

Here's the full office hour link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2S11O9iLYM&ab_channel=SpeakAi

#speakai #officehours #communication #ai #research #interview

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