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Full Screen Google Task (mail.google.com)
166 points by johnnytee on July 8, 2011 | hide | past | web | favorite | 42 comments

http://www.gtasker.com has completely eclipsed this "canvas" display for me. Completely. No single-list display can beat http://www.gtasker.com/#2,4.

Very cool, I was not aware of this.

Not sure why this is news. They've had this since 2009: http://lifehacker.com/5386622/view-your-google-tasks-in-actu...

my favorite way is using it through the chrome extension. Still love the new web interface.

chrome extension : https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/dmglolhoplikcoamfg...

I prefer Better Tasks - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/nbhddnkmimnokfjdlo...

Interesting, last time I looked into using Google Tasks I was put off by a few issues (I've sampled and discarded dozens of list services, so I forget what they were) but it looks like they've nailed the basics and opened it up to a nice app ecosystem.

This is not new or news. I've been using this for years. As one commenter noted, this has been around since 2009.

New for me too. Thanks even if it is old news.

This is new to me. Not sure how I missed it.

https://mail.google.com/tasks/ig is the one I use for ages (it is the url of the iframe embed in gmail pages) - but this one is a whole new thing.

However, I last week I got asana invite, and currently using it to keep up with 4 on going projects.

I guess I would not use this one at the moment.

How is Asana? I've been following it for about a year and it looks like a really solid project. I was impressed by it and think it'll do really well, but I haven't had the chance to actually use it.

It took me about a day (since I did not have time to watch the video tutorials) to set in mind the new terminology. But day after I have moved in all open tasks/issues, invite teams in and it feels as I have come to the promised land of GTDc (Getting Things Done Collaboratively).

I've been using it for a few weeks now and really like it. There are a few clunky bits and I've yet to find a way to send them feedback. That said, it's a product I wouldn't mind paying for.

I just hope they release a mobile app sometime soon after launch.

Only thing that was keeping me from really using Google Tasks was no great interface for just tasks. I only saw it tied to mail or calendar. This might make it a viable solution for me now.

The mobile webview is what made it essential for me.

I find Google Tasks unusable, along with many other task management tools, simply because of the lack of ability to assign a task to someone else. Manymoon is probably the closest I've come to nirvana, and even still it was sorely lacking for being an on-demand tool.

The lack of collaboration functionality continues to be a weird oversight.

I haven't used it much but I know Producteev is also geared for teams and lets you assign tasks to others.

Asana has that ability.

This changes everything. I just started using google calendar when they changed the design (looks pretty now). I would love to use the task but it sucks. Now there are so much googletask alternatives. Now i just need som graphicsal changes and ill be set.

gtasker looks perfect. I am using wunderlist because it is minimal and super pretty, but i miss beeing able to see more than one list at a time.

This is cool. I wish the text was a bit bigger and the lists were shareable (multi-user).

The mini task list within Gmail was not working out for me, so I wrote a simple to-do app (weekly planner) for my own use (now has a new thousand users): http://weekis.com

Just hit CMD/CTRL and + to zoom in ... chrome scales the interface perfectly.

I've been using http://checkvist.com for a little while now, and the UI for it is absolutely perfect. You can do everything with the keyboard really easily, and use the mouse to drag around stuff if you want.

Google should really hire the guy behind GQueues and integrate/improve on his work - that would be a fantastic Google Tasks implementation IMO.

That's pretty helpful. Didn't know it already existed! The tasks interface in GMail is awful from my experience.

This is great, I often fill my list up with tags. This will allow me to not get distracted by emails.

This needs the bar at the top so I can easily navigate between gmail, calendar, and tasks.

Nice. How can you access it for your google apps account though?

It's working to show me the tasks I've got in my Google apps account.

hmm..i think because my personal account is my default (0 index) account it is accessing that one.

Is there any way to create daily tasks that refresh each day?

Is there a way to get to this through gmail's navigation?

Not sure, I got this link from a G+ post by +PaulIrish

Is there a way to collaborate on tasks with others yet?

I wouldn't want to be in workflowy's shoes ;(

Apples and oranges really. Workflowy's features are quite a bit more advanced and last I heard, Matt Cutts uses it himself. I wrote https://zetabee.com/text for myself before Workflowy launched and it does a lot more than Google Tasks too. But Google Tasks is handy for short-quick-todos list users since it's part of Google apps. If you want something more complex, you will end up using Workflowy or better. Workflowy's target is not grandma-remember-the-milk types but rather more detailed project-management planners.

Is this new or just new to me?

It's been available on iGoogle for a while.

Widgets can be "maximized", and some take on a denser UI, like this for Tasks.

Try my app http://bit.ly/gotasks , it's only for osx but can be less unobtrusive!

You're selling a wrapper of Google Tasks in a web view for $2 and trying to spam it on HN? You could at least try to get your adjectives right.

Is there a free app on appstore? Who cost less? Web browser can stay in a unobtrusive way in your status bar, visible on all spaces? My time is free? You know me? You know how many open sources lines of code I released? Before say something ask it to yourself and get your adjectives right.

Yeah, there's an app called open a new browser window.

Your response is both sad and quite funny. I'm not even sure that you know what an adjective is. Normally, it's rude to make fun of someone for having poor English grammar skills, but it's completely justified against spammers. On that note, your attempt to defend your spamming and the grammar it used was complete bullshit.

Yeah? Who is sad? Me or you? u think that a new browser window can stay in status bar and visible on all spaces. Do you know osx? Or you are the classic grudging and frustrated guy that say something only to increase their self-esteem? Yea u are right my english is not perfect but I think is better have an ESL than a wrong mind like yours. After that I will stop to waste my time with you. You are the true frustrated spammer.

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