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Awesome! iTerm + zsh... If only I could disable the scrollbar :/ On a related note, is there a show/hide animation like Visor too? I liked the "slide in/slide out" animation a lot.

The visor-like mode is enabled if you dock it to a window-edge (prefs->profile->window tab, 'style = top of screen' setting). System-wide hotkey settings are in Prefs->Keys

There's also a 'hidden' setting for the animation delay, settable with

`defaults write com.googlecode.iterm2 HotkeyTermAnimationDuration \ -float 0.25`

Thank you! Being able to shorten the animation is the only thing I felt was missing. The default animation is way too long for my taste.

You can hide the scrollbar. Preferences -> Appearance -> Check "Hide scrollbar and resize control"

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