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Thanks for posting this brief (2.5 pages) article: I found it very relevant for a small tool I’m building right now, where I too have to decide between the comfort of integration and the resilience of minimal dependencies.

I quote here a fragment from that article to give others an impression of what it’s about:

> “A month after I put the tool on the Web, I received an email from a brilliant young Dutch programmer. He’d enhanced my tool, integrating it with the Ant Java-based build tool and adding an XML output option. He’d also provided a couple of XSL (Extensible Style Sheet Language) scripts that transformed the XML output into nicely set HTML. Although the code was well written and the new facilities appeared alluring, my initial reply wasn’t exactly welcoming.”

> “Integrating ckjm with Ant sounds like a good idea until you consider the dependencies this type of integration creates.”

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