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S O NAH | Software Engineers | Full-time | REMOTE / ONSITE | Aachen, Germany

We are a medium-sized startup based in Germany, that sells data generated by our own sensors in a mostly B2B or B2G/B2A context.

Our core-product is currently centered around parking data, but our versatile technology allows us to use most parts of our existing infrastructure to realize solutions to completely different vision-based problems, such as trash analysis, as well.

We have multiple roles to supplement or lead in the tech department, from the privacy-maintaining generation of data on our sensors, to its subsequent processing and analysis in the cloud, up to modern front ends making the data available to our clients.

To this end we are looking for:

- Full-stack developers - Help us support and improve our growing, client-facing infrastructure

- Machine learning experts - Improve data generation on our sensors and develop solutions for future vision-based problems

- Versatile software developers - With interest and minor experience in machine-learning, full-stack development or data science

While we are growing, we are not only keeping the best parts of being a startup alive in our company philosophy, but we are also giving each team member the opportunity to influence and further develop this philosophy for the better.

Some of the technologies we utilize in our day-to-day work are Docker, Bash, Python, TypeScript and Kotlin.

You can find more information about us at https://sonah.tech/ and contact us directly at recruiting@sonah.tech

Applications are open for YC Winter 2022

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