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Restya | Capital Raiser (VC Fund Raising Manager) | Remote | Worldwide| Full-time, Part-time

We're team Restya! Our product Restyaboard (opensource Trello alternative) is immensely popular across Europe with many automobile companies, government organizations, and universities using and evangelizing it.

We've created another product called Restya Core https://restya.com/core-jira-slack-alternative and is currently in private beta. Based on initial feedback, we understand that some VC backing will scale it to a larger level. Also, everyone is suggesting to use some different pitches as it has potential beyond Jira and Slack (It can replace many SaaS products).

Capital Raiser (VC Fund Raising Manager):

We're looking for someone who can bring a better pitch and raise funds from the VCs. He/she should have strong VC contacts and or raised funds for any startups before.

Contact: info+hn AT restya ! com (Subject: Scaling Restya Core through VC, via HN)

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