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Neural2 | Full Stack Engineer | Remote | Full-time or part-time | neural2.com

Neural Squared is a startup building machine learning based products for the luxury goods market. Our software identifies and authenticates goods by using a mixture of mobile phone camera photos and microscopic photos.

We currently have a small development team based in London, UK which works closely with the business team based in Japan.

We have our first system in production and are looking to grow our core development team.

Tech we use: Typescript, GCP, Firebase, Vue.js, Pytorch

Looking for engineers with experience in:

- Google Cloud Platform and Firebase stack.

- Typescript and Vue.js

- Building mobile apps, or porting apps over from web

- ML model deployment and integration experience would be a plus.

- Can work with our London team in GMT timezone.

We are a fully remote team, offering competitive salaries.

Email: jobs@neural2.com

Applications are open for YC Winter 2022

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