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Atomic Search | Research Engineer, ML Lead | SF Bay Preferred, Remote for right person | Part-and-full-time roles available | https://atomicsear.ch

Atomic Search is reimagining the search engine, with a focus on understanding questions and retrieving information, rather than pages upon pages of web links.

We are working at the cutting edge of NLU, leveraging neurosymbolic approaches to finally realise the dream of the Semantic Web. # Roles:

## Research Engineer (part-time, or intern):

- Find, synthesize and summarize cutting-edge research in NLU - Perform experiments and run our R&D pipeline - Assist with day-to-day hacks and otherwise put out fires.

Required skills: - Python, common sense, fluent written communication, quick learner, strong interest in NLP

## ML Lead (full-time):

- Work to improve interpretability for large language models - Generate structured symbolic data using sequence-to-sequence ML approaches - Implement Natural Language Generation models for question answering

Required skills: - Experience with Pytorch, Tensorflow or similar - Experience with common NLP architectures (BiLSTM, Transformers, etc) - Experience with common NLP tooling (spacy, huggingface, nltk etc.) - Working knowledge of NLP, including the current limitations of the space

# Contact - Contact igor@atomicsear.ch to ask about the role. Candidates who can start quickly preferred.

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